Light Heals: Red Light Therapy Basic Certification (NO CEU COURSE) with Mike Stella, ATC & Alyson Evans, DC

Everything you need to know about red light therapy for safe and effective evidence-based uses for pain & inflammation, performance, recovery, sleep and mental health.

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Red Light Therapy’ (RLT) also known as Photobiomodulation (PBM) in the scientific community is a newly developing field in injury and illness management. However, the concept that light can heal is not new. Despite its recent popularity, it has close to a 100 year history of scientific research and development.

‘Light Heals: Red Light Therapy Basic Certification’ introduces you to the science and application of red light therapy. Evidence based chapters in this course include topics of history of light therapy, photobiomodulation theories, how red light therapy interacts with the molecular, cellular, and tissue systems of the body. This course includes easy to navigate clinical protocols for safe and effective use of red light therapy for clinical indications ranging from pain and inflammation, performance and recovery, sleep and mental health.

‘Light Heals: Red Light Therapy Basic Certification’ is an evidence-informed modality course that increases students’ understanding of the science-based application of red light therapy. You will complete the course with a strong understanding of where and when to incorporate red light therapies for common conditions seen in the clinical environment.

‘Light Heals: Red Light Therapy Basic Certification’ systematically examines the research existing in the photobiomodulation field and breaks complex topics into easy-to-understand modules, alongside providing evidence based dosing guidelines for red light therapy in your clinic. Red light therapies have been demonstrated to have a layering effect with many other rehabilitation techniques and these combined approaches will be presented and practiced. You will complete the course with new-found knowledge that will immediately be useful in clinical practice.

This course is intended for health professionals with no prerequisite knowledge of red light therapy.

Non CEU Course – This is the NON CEU credit version of the course. If you wish to receive CEU credits, please select the CEU version of the course and look for your specific CEU approval.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Define and discuss the physiological effects of red light therapy on the molecular and cellularsystems of the body.

2. Define and discuss the physiological effects of red light therapy on the tissue and organ systems of the body.

3. Understanding science backed reasonable dosing parameters for red light therapy, including power, time, and frequency of use.

4. Define guidelines for safe and effective uses of red light therapy in practice, including contraindications of use.

5. Practice and refine red light therapy treatment techniques that are specifically designed to influence pain and inflammation, sport performance and recovery, and circadian rhythm/sleep function and mental health.

6. Evaluate clinical case situations where red light therapy may benefit a patient and justify treatment approaches and parameters based on recent scientific review.

Course Procedure

  1. Enroll in the course.
  2. View the course content.
  3. Take the Quiz (if a CEU course)
  4. Complete Course Evaluation
  5. Print your certificate of completion.

Course Content

Light Heals: Red Light Therapy Basic Certification Copy zEjmx
Red Light Basic Cert Course Slides (huge file, very slow to download, pls be patient)
Mike Stella is the Founder of The Movement Underground as well as a sought after lecturer, teacher and clinician in the sports medicine space. Mike is an expert movement evaluator and manual therapist, with nearly two decades of experience working with high level athletes from MLB, MiLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, PLL, NCAA, US Olympians, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders, CrossFit Competitors & countless weekend warriors. Over the past 5 years, Mike has developed the systems and processes behind the success stories at The Movement Underground. A potent combination of assessment, bodywork, and custom corrective exercise cuts through the nonsense and helps our clients get out of pain, and improve their performance, while educating them on best practices in training and recovery. He is an impassioned educator and leader of the TMU staff, ensuring the team here is the absolute best on Long Island in Structural Bodywork, Movement, and program design. He spends his time outside of work surfing, traveling, and spending time with English Bulldog, MeatLoaf.

Dr. Alyson Evans, DC has dedicated the last 20 years to mashing up her passions for healthcare and education, alongside pursuing her purpose of building and serving a team. Alyson has helped grow multiple businesses, by prioritizing professional education and product innovation. She was at the forefront of growing the RockTape brand and community for a decade. Up for a new challenge, Alyson is the Co-CEO and Founder of Fringe, a company blending yesterday’s medicine with today’s science grounded by its dedication to improving how we live and how we learn.
Hour One

Ch 1: Introduction to the Course

Ch 2: Yesterday’s Medicine: History of Light Therapy

Light as Medicine
History Review and Recorded Uses
Ancient Egypt to Modern Day

Ch 3: Today’s Science: Light Basics

Key Terms in Light Therapy
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Light Pathways - visual and skin
Natural Light Recommendations

Ch 4: Light Interaction with the Human Body

How Light Works in the Body
Eye Pathway
Skin Pathway

Ch 5: Red Light Therapy (RLT) Basics

Photobiomodulation Defined
LED vs. Laser technology
Defining and understanding:
-Terms for Dosage and Treatment of Red LED Light Therapy
Irradiance/Intensity mw/Cm2
Dosage J/cm2 - Energy
Treatment Time
Treatment Area
Treatment Frequency
Direct vs. non direct red light therapy - wraps vs. panels

Hour Two

Ch 6: Red Light Therapy - Mechanisms and Effects

The Mighty Mitochondria
Three Effects of RLT
Increase ATP
Activate Defense Mechanisms
Manage Circadian Rhythms

CcO Theory - primary photoreceptor at molecular level
On the end of the ETC in Krebs Cycle
When CCO is activated by light, increases ATP production
Converts light energy to ATP
EZ Water Theory

Collagen - stimulated by TGF-B (Transforming growth factor-B)
40J/cm2 was the ideal dose for collagen promotion

ROS - reactive oxygen species (oxidative stress) is reduced with Red Light Therapy
This is why Red Light Therapy can help with repair after muscle injury as it inhibits oxidative stress

Cytokines- inflammatory mediator is reduced following Red Light Therapy.
If inflammation is present, Red Light Therapy is “anti inflammatory”
If inflammation is NOT present, Red Light Therapy creates pro-inflammatory response to help with tissue healing

Keratinocyte Growth Factor - accelerator of healing process
Red Light Therapy increases speed of wound healing because of KGF increase

Ch 7: Red Light Therapy Treatment Basics

Supplementation of the Sun
Parameters for RLT Treatment
Treatment Time
Contact vs Non-Contact

Hour Three

Ch 8: Red Light Therapy Precautions/Safety

For all indications, each section will include content on:
Mechanism of how red light influences the particular problem
Research review on pertinent studies related to the indication
Treatment parameters for each indication
Wrap or Panel
Treatment duration
Goal dosage
Frequency treatments per day, week or month

Contraindications to Light Therapy Treatment
Skin Tone
Age: Geriatrics & Pediatrics
Health Conditions: Pregnancy
Medication Interactions

Ch 9: Red Light Therapy Equipment

Review Power measurements
Contact vs. Non Contact

Hour Four

Ch 10: : Pain and Inflammation - Mechanism, Evidence Review, Treatment Guidelines

Pain and Inflammation
Acute and Persistent Pain
Local Inflammation
Systemic Inflammatory Conditions

Hour Five

Ch 11: RLT: Performance and Recovery - Mechanism, Evidence Review, Treatment Guidelines

Sports Performance & Recovery
Pre-activity treatments
Post-activity treatments

Hour Six

Ch 12: Sleep and Mental Health - Mechanism, Evidence Review, Treatment Guidelines

Sleep Management
Melatonin-Cortisol Feedback Loop
Circadian Rhythm Management
Sleep assistance for those with other disorders

Hour Seven

Mental Health

Ch 14: References and Evidence

Q and A Case Studies to Share

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