Fringe University offers education that pairs modern science with timeless forms of healing. We believe professional and consumer education should be easy, affordable, evidence based and inspire you to grow. Join our unique, talented and 'outside the box' group of health care professionals as they bring you content from their personal practices, gyms and offices. Courses offer CEU's for health pros, and non-CEU versions for consumer/community members. Get certified in our various forms of healing and level up your knowledge!

Learn with us and lean into the edge - anytime, anywhere with Fringe University. We offer on-demand, live online and live in person courses, with professional CEUs; for PTs, ATCs, DCs, LMTs and other healthcare and wellness professionals worldwide and without CEUs for our consumer community members. 

limited time only

30 minute free Mini-Master Class in Red Light Therapy! 

Want to learn more but not ready to commit to a full length course? We got you! Take light therapy out for a test drive with our awesome instructors Mike Stella ATC and Alyson Evans DC. Our Mini-Master Class will give you a quick peek into what you'll learn in our full length certification class!

Digital On-demand Courses and certifications

Education you can access anytime, anywhere.

Live Events & Webinars

Join us live for educational seminars. Zoom Webinars are kicking off in fall of 2023, our education team will be offering a variety of web-based courses and certifications, learn and earn those CEUs.