• What is the difference between CEU and NON CEU versions of a course?
    A non CEU course is for consumer customers or health practitioners who do not want/need CEU approval for the course. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion that is downloadable from the Fringe-U system. A CEU Approved course is for customers who are health practitioners that need CEU credits for their license renewals. An example would be a Physical Therapist in Colorado who needs CEU credentialed courses to report to the state licensing board each year. 

  • CEU versions:
    Gives CEU credits to the health professional – noted on their certificate.
    Required for Health Professionals (they have to report to state or national boards every year)

  • NON CEU versions 
    Do not give CEU credits for the health professional.
    Students still receive a certificate
    Anyone can take these, including health professionals we do not have CEUs available for. 
    * In some cases we may not yet have CEU credit for their state (example, CA) and Profession (example, Chiropractor), if they are a CA DC, they can still take the course but will NOT get CEU Credit. 
  • Can I get a back dated CEU approval for my class?
    We are not able to provide CEU approvals in a backdated fashion, all the CEU approvals have a start date and an end date, we cannot offer CEU credit at any date BEFORE the "start" date.  
  • What if you don't have CEU approval listed for my state and profession, can I still take the class?
    You can take class and receive a certificate of completion, but you will not receive CEU if we don't have your state AND profession listed. If your state and profession is not listed, please check back in the future as our team is always adding new approvals. 
  • Do you offer CEUs or PD for international health professionals?
    We do, there will be a list forthcoming of where our international partners can take these courses. 
  • What is Fringe-U refund policy?
    Contact us and we will make it right, we want all our customers to be very happy with their purchase and experience. education@joinfringe.com 
  • I have a payment issue or want a refund?
    Please email hi@fringeheals.com or call our customer service number 720-593-9248. 
  • I had a glitch while taking the class/wifi out/power outage/etc?
    Reach out to hi@fringeheals.com or our customer service number 720-593-9248. 
  • I have a clinical or technique question about the course?
    Email hi@fringeheals.com and we'll connect you with one of our in team health professionals to help answer your question!