The End of the Ice Age: A Modern Approach to Acute Care of Traumatic Injuries

with Mike Stella, ATC (CEU Course)

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Traditionally speaking, acute management of injuries and post surgical trauma
has been relegated to short-term swelling and pain control, and woefully
neglects the sub-acute and chronic phases of healing. Additionally, these
classic tactics often have deleterious effects on later stages of healing and
perhaps need to be re-considered.
This limitation is compounded by the apparent lack of psychosocial factors that
influence pain, healing, and both short and long term prognosis.
The goal for this course, is to understand fundamental physiological &
psychosocial factors and provide evidence informed application of strategies
and techniques aimed at optimizing the short term, with the long term in mind.

Available Course Credits

BOC 6.00

Learning Objectives

•Discuss, in-depth, the physiology of the healing process as it relates to
early stage intervention strategies that are commonly used by clinicians.
•Evaluate the current body of evidence as it relates to common acute
care methods.
•Identify common flaws and myths in the traditional methodology of the
RICE acronym for acute management of trauma, injuries, and post-
operative scenarios.
•Describe the variables that affect different body systems during acute
phase of healing including the nervous, lymphatic, cardiovascular,
immune, and musculoskeletal systems.
•Identify opportunities for more optimal interventions on key body
systems during the early phases of healing and recovery.
•Understand the current trends in modern pain science.
•Identify and discuss the psychosocial aspects of pain and healing.
•Develop a therapeutic alliance with patient by improved communication
and patient resources designed to ease injury anxiety and optimize
habits that can impact the healing process
•Understand and implement the MINDFUL acronym, and how it may be a
more well rounded strategic guide to acute management of trauma.
•Develop evidence informed, manually based, interventional strategies
centered around pain relief, swelling mitigation, nutritional & lifestyle

Course Content

The End of the Ice Age Course Copy
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Mike Stella is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance
Enhancement Specialist who is dedicated to helping all athletes and people overcome injuries and
functional limitations. Mike has rehabilitated and reconditioned athletes from a variety of levels and
sports, not only helping them return to competition, but also increasing their resilience to future
injury. Mike uses a potent combination of movement assessment, manual therapy techniques, and
targeted exercise programming to identify and eliminate the underlying causes of pain, injury, and
decreased performance, while educating athletes on best practices in training and recovery. Mike
has over a decade of experience working with high level athletes and organizations from MLB,
MiLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLL, PLL, US Olympians, NCAA, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders, and CrossFit
Mike is currently the owner/operator of The Movement Underground, an athletic training business
in Farmingdale, NY, designed to serve athletes of all ages and sports in the realm of movement,
recovery, and performance. Currently, Mike consults for a number of professional athletes and
organizations and also is an Instructor for RockTape, a leading education and product brand.
Mike is a Marist College Graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Medicine and
Athletic Training. He also holds a Masters Degree in Sports Management from George Washington
University. While at Marist, Stella played Lacrosse helping the Red Foxes earn a MAAC
Championship in 2005 and the schools first ever NCAA Tournament Berth.

00:00 - 00:15 - Introduction - Why Acute Care Matters
00:15 - 00:45 - Physiology of Trauma
00:45 - 01:30 - Traditional Care: Leaving the Ice Age Behind
01:30 - 01:45 - BREAK
01:45 - 02:15 - Lymphatics and Edema
02:15 - 02:45 - Pain, Anxiety and Biopsychosocial Considerations
02:45 - 03:15 - Nutritional Strategies for the Early Phases of Healing
03:15 - 03:45 - Lifestyle Habits to Optimize the Healing Process
03:45 - 04:00 - BREAK
04:00 - 04:45 - The MINDFUL Method for Acute Care
04:45 - 05:45 - Manual Techniques and Strategies

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